Successful growth

The most increased productiveness and new jobs are created in rapidly growing small and medium-sized companies.

The goal of the Technology Industries of Finland is to create preconditions for

  • the increase of internationalised and competitive Finnish growth companies
  • creating even better preconditions and operational environments for growth companies and growth entrepreneurship
  • the significant increase of business investments towards Finland.

Growth creates jobs

  • New jobs in Finland are created mainly in rapidly growing small and medium-sized companies.
  • Growth is often an intentional strategic choice. Companies that create new jobs and welfare are also fulfilling their corporal social responsibility by choosing growth.
  • Companies that aim for constant growth and renewal create employment and are good tax-payers.

Promoting growth at the Technology Industries of Finland

Growth Group is a company network that aims to

  • emphasise the necessity of growth and companies' responsibility to grow
  • recognise and solve concrete growth challenges
  • raise the discussion on the importance of aiming for growth to the national level

To promote growth entrepreneurship, the Association is cooperating with the Startup Foundation and other active parties that are connected by the desire to contribute to the framework of growth for the next decades. The Startup Foundation is in charge of e.g. Slush events and the Startup Sauna mentoring programme.