In focus


Competitive business environment

  • Sustainable growth with a streamlined environmental permit system and climate policy 
  • Reasonably priced energy for industry
  • Working markets as the cornerstone for growth: more partnership for public procurement and viable digital markets in Europe
  • Competitiveness through smart logistic decisions
  • Taxation and financing to promote growth

Expertise and competencies to drive growth and employment

  • Increasing good leadership and flexibility at work
  • Deepening corporate and educational cooperation 
  • Improving the technology industry’s attractiveness

Innovations for international success

  • Improving Finland’s attractiveness and competitiveness as an innovation environment
  • Improving the innovation capabilities of technology SMEs
  • Strengthening the internationalisation and growth entrepreneurship of technology companies
  • Improving the effectiveness and level of public R&D and internationalisation funding

Efficiency and new business through digitalisation

  • Digital operational environment to promote growth and productivity
  • Increased use of digital technology in manufacturing
  • Data security in Finnish products, services and operational environment to be the world leader