Technology Finland

The technology industry is the most important export industry in Finland. Technology companies operate in international markets, attracting income to Finland that is paramount to maintaining the welfare state, with operations constituting over 50% of all Finnish exports.
More than 335,000 Finns work in technology companies, while a total of around 720,000 people work in the technology sector either directly or indirectly. Responsible for 65% of all private sector investment in research and development carried out in Finland, technology companies play a vital role in the future success of the country.

The Technology industry is comprised of five sub-sectors:

  • Electronics and the Electrotechnical Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metals Industry
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Information Technology.

Advancing Technology Finland!

Finnish technology industry has all the prerequisites for success: strong industrial traditions, innovative design and product development operations, skilled people, state-of-the-art technology – including that needed to minimise environmental effects – and digital competence.
Well-being at work is managed effectively, while the rules concerning working life are improved continuously in collaboration with employees. When it comes to environmental responsibility, Finnish companies are among the best in the world.