EU Affairs

The future of the European Union lies in its ability to create a better Europe for its citizens. New generation, new ideas, new work, new technology, and new world order shall all be addressed by the EU. Every action and all funds must be somehow targeted at the renewal of Europe.

Industry is the backbone of European prosperity and success. As the world is, once again, in the middle of an industrial revolution, the EU needs a strong industrial strategy that will take our industry forward to the next level, enabling European success also in the future.

An integrating approach is necessary for the EU Industrial Policy to benefit from the synergies and maximize the impact of relevant policies. The key elements for the renewing the EU are:

  1. Europe is the natural world leader in the transformation to climate neutrality and sustainable circular economy. This transition calls for fundamental changes to all sectors and players in our society and gives our industries a leading position in the development and offering of sustainable technologies.
  2. Innovation and research form the basis for future wellbeing of European citizens. The EU must focus its action and budget to innovation with impact, financing research and innovation networks with strong industrial participation (PPPs). The investments should be targeted at trailblazer networks and prioritized ecosystems.
  3. The EU must rapidly create a digital, sustainable single market, respecting European values and enabling free flow of data. It will form the basis for European digital businesses to scale up and grow their muscles, making them fit for global competition.
  4. Europe must be the winner in the global competition for talent, and this requires concerted action from the EU and the Member States. Our ageing continent will need new professionals, and roughly hundred million employees will need upskilling or re-skilling in very near future.
  5. European taxation system must be fair and compatible with the rest of the world, and it must not hamper the competitiveness of European companies or countries.
  6. The EU must use its economic power boldly to ensure fair competition and level playing field in all global markets.
  7. Partnership with Africa and African countries must become a strategic goal for the EU.