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Minna Helle: Overtime bans complicate collective bargaining and contribute to the economic slowdown

1.11.2019 klo 15.38
Minna Helle, Executive Director, Industrial Relations at Technology Industries of Finland is disappointed with the overtime bans introduced by the Industrial Union and Trade Union Pro. This kind of industrial action complicates collective bargaining and makes it more difficult for businesses to operate and serve their customers.

“However, Technology Industries of Finland is pleased to see that the unions are still open to negotiations. The employers are looking to resolve the situation as soon as possible. What we need to do now is to focus on the talks and not on these labour market disruptions”, Helle says.

The Industrial Union announced on Friday that an overtime ban would be in place across the entire industrial sector as of midnight on Monday, 4 November.* The overtime ban is due to end at midnight on Friday, 15 November. The ban affects the technology industry, the sheet metal and industrial insulation sector and ore mines as well as employees of the Finnish Ministry of Defence. Trade Union Pro’s overtime ban coincides with the Industrial Union’s ban and affects clerical workers in the technology industry. *

“Having to ask employees to work overtime is never ideal, but it is sometimes necessary to please customers and get deliveries out on time. Many businesses are also understaffed, which increases the need for overtime”, Helle explains.

The collective agreements in question expired at the end of October, and no agreements have been in place since Friday, 1 November. The negotiations with the Industrial Union have been the most fruitful so far. The main sticking point is costs, i.e. the effect that a new agreement could have on costs as the economy grows weaker.

* according to the later announcements the overtime bans will continue until 24 November 


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