EU external relations

Partnership with Africa and African countries must become a strategic goal for the EU.

Well formulated EU trade policies will promote peace and stability on a global level by forging deeper and closer political and economic ties between world economies.

The type of relation and level of integration should be adapted to the specificities of the trading partner whilst enforcing the multilateral trade agreements. The EU must leverage its economic power boldly in order to safeguard fair competition and level playing field in all markets.

The EU is a natural leader in the development of global carbon pricing system and setting of standards for sustainable and ethical use of natural resources, thereby creating strong financial incentives to reduce emissions and waste. This will promote innovation and improve opportunities for doing responsible business profitably. Defending the benefits of open and rules-based trade is an integral part of the EU’s policies.

The role of WTO is essential in framing and enforcing an international level playing field for European industry. Hence, the modernization of the WTO is paramount in introducing more transparency, new rules and disciplines and enforcement mechanism.